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Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Cross (CJE2)

 925 Sterling Silver cross pendant with clear Cubic Zirconia stones. This is a very lovely piece. The picture did not do justice to the item at all. We only have ONE piece left. The pendant measures 1.7cm wide and 2.6 cm tall.

RM 45.00


Sterling Silver Abalone Pendant (LTPX034)

This stunning flower pendant is set with abalone shells. It is hallmark 925 at the back of the pendant. The colour and pattern on the shells may vary due to individual shells as well as the lighting and the angle of the picture taken. It measures 2.5 cm tall and wide.
Only ONE piece left.

RM 49.00


Sterling Silver Swarovski Crystal Pendant (CJE1)

The colour of the Swarovski crystal is VERY VERY LIGHT yellow. The colour may vary at times due to the lighting and also the angle. The bail of the pendant is 925 sterling silver. The pendant measures 1.8 cm x 1.8 cm. Only ONE piece.

RM 33.00


Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Cross (CJE4)

Genuine 925 Sterling Silver Pendant Embedded

With Cubic Zirconia

Pendant: 1.5 cm x 1.0 cm

Stone Colour: Clear

RM 25.00


Jerusalem Crucifix Cross (CJE13)

This Crucifix Cross can be used as a pendant, a mobile accessory, and also it can be used for rosaries. It has the word 'JERUSALEM' at the back. It measures 2.5cm wide and 4.1 cm tall.

RM 4.00


Sterling Silver Abalone Pendant (LTPX026)

2.8 cm x 1.3 cm

RM 51.00

*currently out of stock*


Sterling Silver Heart Pendant (PFPX032)

This cute dainty heart single wing pendant is a slider. This unique pendant is hallmark 925. Chain NOT included.

1.7 cm x 0.5 cm

RM 16.00


Crucifix Cross Pendant (CJE10)

Can be worn as a pendant or a charm and also it is suitable for making rosaries.
1.9 cm x 2.9 cm

RM 4.00

Italian Resurrection Cross Pendant (CJE6)

This BEAUTIFUL unique cross is from Italy. It can be worn as a pendant or it can be attached to rosaries. Truly different from other crucifix crosses. It is available in BLUE, RED and WHITE. We have only ONE piece of each colour. It measures 2.4 cm wide and 4.0 cm tall . Do let us know which colour  you prefer when placing your order.

RM 8.00

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